Advocacy – Let Your Voice be Heard

Advocacy for the Ben Williams Foundation is about ensuring that all individuals suffering from kidney disease have access to quality health care. It is also to ensure the public and our lawmakers have an understanding of the needs of kidney patients and the problems of the disease.

The role of our advocacy network is to help influence public policy for better health care for kidney disease patients and educate the public about the disease, causes and prevention.

Why We Need Advocates

More than 30 million Americans currently live with chronic kidney disease. And many are in kidney failure. These individuals are on dialysis to survive and are unable to receive a kidney transplant. They need us to be their advocates for better health care and have access to quality care.

We are the independent voices they need. Our voices are powerful when we work together. Join the Ben Williams Foundation advocacy network for kidney disease and let your voice be heard.

Become an Advocate for the Ben Williams Foundation

Become an advocate.
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