Be a Living Donor � Save a Life

Living Donation

A living donor is someone who donates one of their organs whilst they are still alive. This is usually a kidney. We are born with two kidneys, but most of us can live quite well with only one kidney. Therefore, for some of us, we can save a life by donating one of our kidneys to someone with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or kidney failure.

Why We Need Living Donations

The waiting list in the US has close to 100,000 active kidney patients. In most cases they can only receive a donation from someone who has just died. In most cases they must await their turn on the list. This is based on their condition which determines their priority. 12 people �die each day waiting on a transplant. Here in Minnesota we have over 1,600 people on the list managed by

A kidney transplant will not cure kidney disease. But, if successful, it will allow the recipient to have a longer, healthier, and fulfilling life. Imagine being the reason for saving someone�s life.

Donations to Family and Friends

It can be difficult for a family member or friend to ask for help when they are faced with end stage renal disease or kidney failure. Some individuals are without hope because of the length of the waiting list. If you are willing to donate, help start the conversation with them about kidney donation. You may be the reason they live a longer and more productive life.

Altruistic Donations

Voluntary kidney donations to strangers is increasing in the USA. You too can make a difference in someone�s life by donating a kidney. It is the ultimate act of kindness to donate a kidney to a someone you do not know.

Want to donate to someone but not a match?

Sometimes we aren�t a match for the person we were willing to donate a kidney to. However, the kidney paired network allows you to donate a kidney to someone else. �Through the program, you can donate to someone who is a match. In turn someone else who is a match for the patient you wanted to help can receive a kidney donation.