Organ Donation

No matter the ethnicity, age, gender or religion, people of all walks of life end up needing a kidney transplant. There are many medical conditions that can lead to kidney failure � hypertension, diabetes, lupus.

You can help those who suffer by giving them a new chance at living well with a kidney donation. There are two ways to become a donor � a living donor or a deceased donor.

Be a Living Donor

The main fear of living donors is whether they will die while donating. All surgeries come with risks. However, before a kidney transplant, you would undergo rigorous testing and evaluations to ensure you are healthy enough to make the donation. The Ben Williams Foundation will assure the necessary support during your recovery from surgery.

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Deceased Donor

In the USA, deceased donors contribute to the most kidney transplants. Deceased donors are most often individuals who accidentally die or face an untimely death. Their next of kin consents for them to be an organ donor.

You can register to be an organ donor so that your family and friends know your wishes well beforehand. This allows you to save someone�s life through donating your organs and tissues. Donating your kidneys, heart, and lungs could potentially save multiple lives just by enrolling in the donor program.

If you have registered to be an organ donor at your death. Please make sure to advise your friends and family. This will help them make swift decisions and potentially save another life even as they grieve losing you.

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