Organ Donation and Transplantation

Organ Donations and Transplantations save thousands of lives each year. The active kidney patient waiting list is at almost 100,000. Therefore, awareness, donations and transplants are even more crucial to save lives.

What is organ donation and transplantation?

Organ donation and transplantation is the surgical removal of an organ or tissue from a person (the donor) and placing the organ in another person (the recipient). Transplantation becomes necessary because the recipient�s organ(s) have failed and they need new ones to continue living.

Organ donation used to be only possible after you die. However, today you can become a living kidney organ donor.

At the Ben Williams Foundation, we focus on kidney donations and transplantation. Kidney transplants are the best treatments for those in end-stage renal disease � kidney failure. It�s not a cure, but it�s their best choice of having a better life.

Be an Organ Donor

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Kidney Transplantation

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Be a Living Donor

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