Our Work

At The Ben Williams Foundation, we are proud of the work we do. Every day we make a difference in someones life.

We are making an impact where it matters most, from helping those at risk learn more about the dangers of kidney disease to providing support to those who already have the disease.

We are all individuals living with kidney disease. We are donors, volunteers, staff members from all areas of life. Together, we are working for one common goal: the improvement of kidney health and the reduction and possible elimination of kidney disease. We are also committed to finding alternative, innovative, cutting-edge solutions for education, research, treatment and health care availability to those who need it.

Our Activities

The principal activities of The Ben Williams Foundation include charitable fundraising, educational activities, and support for those affected by kidney disease.

Quality Geriatric Care

Living with kidney disease is difficult. To survive and live when you are in the end stages, you will need the best geriatric care available. Our GOAL initiative is just one step forward in identifying solutions and help the elderly receive better access to health care using telemedicine.

Fundraising Programs

It takes money to care. Partnering with individuals and corporations for a variety of fundraising events is crucial to our success. These funds help in the daily activities and services of the Foundation and directly impact those who need help the most.

Educational and Research Activities

Education is an empowering tool to limit kidney disease. While we plan and execute powerful educational workshops and programs, we also support research to help in the care and treatment of the disease.

Organ Donation

We facilitate the voluntary donation of kidneys to save lives. We will work diligently with patients and donors to find the right match and start the transplantation process.

Working On Our Goals Daily

We work on our goals daily by:

  • Promoting and providing access to kidney dialysis and geriatric care equipment
  • Educating about the dangers of kidney disease, prevention, and care
  • Supporting kidney disease and CTE research
  • Supporting those diagnosed with these three diseases, their caregivers and family

We encourage donors and donations in our fight against kidney disease and hypertension.

The Ben Williams Foundation is a transparent and ethical charitable organization. And we look forward to welcoming you on board the team.