Partnering with the Ben Williams Foundation (BWF)

The Ben Williams Foundation aims to better the lives of those living with kidney disease, hypertension, and or CTE. To achieve this, we have a series of programs and initiatives that:

  • Educating individuals living with kidney disease on how to make the most of their lives
  • Educating the general public on detection, prevention, and treatment of kidney disease
  • To provide assistance for those afflicted with Kidney Disease, Hypertension, and or CTE (services, kidney checks, etc.)
  • Partner with universities for research into kidney disease, prevention, and treatment
  • Helping individuals find donors for kidney transplants
I have kidney disease. How can the Ben Williams Foundation help me?
The Ben Williams Foundation is a charitable organization that works for the good of all those living with the disease. Through the foundation, you can:

  • Access free kidney checks/screenings
  • Find volunteers to assist you
  • Access affordable kidney health care
  • Find donors for kidney transplants
I want to help those afflicted with kidney disease.
We are always in need of people who are passionate about giving back to society or you are an individual who would like to make a difference in just one person�s life. With your help, we can help so many Americans who need the support, care, and education to make a life while living with kidney disease, hypertension, and CTE.

There are many ways to get involved, donate or volunteer with the Ben Williams Foundation.