Fundraise Your Way – Launch Your Kidney Fundraising Page Today

Do you enjoy organizing events? Do you want your own unique fundraising event to raise money to support CKD research and programs? If you would like to organize a kidney fundraiser but want to do it your way, then this is for you.

Why Fundraise

Fundraising with the Ben Williams Foundation gives you a chance to join our ongoing efforts to raise funds for our work on CKD and CTE. Our supporters want to help, educate, and support those at risk of or are suffering with kidney disease. Some create fundraisers because they have lost loved ones to the disease. Others enjoy building fundraising events because this is the best way they enjoy donating to the Ben Williams Foundation.

Whatever the reason for starting your own kidney foundation fundraiser, we thank you for making the choice to support the work of the Ben Williams Foundation and the people we serve.

Fundraise Your Way

Build your own event page and start fundraising today. It�s very simple to start your own fundraising event.

Create a page | Launch page. Email family, friends and start to spread the word | Raise Funds
  • Create a fundraiser in honor or memory of someone
  • Create a fundraiser based on a theme
  • Celebrate important life events
  • Start a personal challenge
  • Celebrate your transplant

Whatever fundraiser you would like to do, we know you�ll do your best to meet your targets.

The options are endless.

Fundraising helps the work of the BWF

Support � for patients, their spouses and family

Education � to reduce risks and inspire action

Research � to reduce the impact of CKD

Advocacy � to gain support for kidney patients


Create a Fundraiser