Kidney Cars ? Car Donations for a Cause

Donate your car, truck, or any other vehicle to the Ben Williams Foundation. Donating your old vehicle, you will help people living with kidney disease across Minnesota and the US.

How Your Car Donation for Kidney Disease Works

When you donate an old vehicle to the Ben Williams Foundation, we auction it to dealers or recyclers. You can donate a working or non-working vehicle.

The proceeds from the auction is then used in the work of the Ben Williams Foundation to help those living with kidney disease, for research on kidney disease, preventative and educational activities.

You also benefit knowing that you have helped someone. You may alsouse the donation as a deduction on your tax returns.

Why Donate Your Car
  • We’ll arrange to collect it if you can’t deliver
  • You get a tax receipt for deductions
  • You feel great knowing that your donation will help someone in need
It?s Easy To Donate Your Car
  1. Call the Ben Williams Foundation at 855-827-BENW (2369) or email [email protected]
  2. Schedule a time for us to pick up the vehicle (or you can deliver it)
  3. Enjoy the feeling of making an impact in the lives of many

Have an old car in your driveway that you want to get rid of? Contact the Ben Williams Foundation today and donate your car for a cause.

FAQs ? Kidney Cars

What kinds of vehicles do you accept?
We take any type of vehicle that you have. From cars, trucks, vans, pickups, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, etc. If you have a question about a vehicle donation, call us and we?ll answer.
What if the vehicle doesn?t run?
Yes, we accept vehicles that do not work as donations too.
Will I get a tax deduction for my donation?
You can claim deductions for the donation based on the sale price of the vehicle after auctioning up to $500. We try our very best to auction our vehicle donations at the highest prices possible.